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Custom Houzz Albrecht Walnut King Size Bed

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₹73,000.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Custom Houzz Albrecht Walnut King Size Bed | SKU No : BD-110-OF
  • Free Door Delivery Shipping Pan India
  • Vocal for Local -100% Swadeshi Product
  • Packed with safety
  • Free delivery across India
Material : Walnut Wood
Dimensions (Inch) : 0 L x 0 W x 0 H
Finish :  Oiledwax Finish
Assembly : Assembly Required
Est Delivery : Within 3 Weeks
Caring Instructions : Professional Cleaning Only
SKU : BD-110-OF
Mattress Size (Inch)78 L x 72 W

PS: Our Craftsmen would Love to Custom Make the same Piece as per your requirement. Please get in touch with us with your Custom Requirements.

Have Custom Requirement ? Send Details: CALL / WHATSAPP US AT +91 86908 77466
  • Cleaning Method: Avoid using excess water for cleaning. Simply use a moistened cloth for wiping the dirt or stain off the wooden furniture.
  • Least Chemical Usage: Avoid usage of chemicals like polyurethane paints over the furniture. It will harm the durability and natural finish of the unit.
  • Quick Heal Of Scratches: Any scratch or burn can be vanished with a sandpaper wipe on the furniture. Apply mineral oil again after using it.
  • Our support and delivery teams will be in touch with you for a hassle-free delivery.
  • Free delivery is only applicable for the first attempt to deliver at your shipping address. If a customer misses this delivery, an extra visiting charge will be applicable for the second attempt.
  • In absence of a service lift, our delivery partner shall only make a delivery to the ground floor of your apartment. Extra charges applicable per floor on delivery to the customer’s floor (on request) in such cases.
  • Extra charges applicable for weekend or time-specific delivery.
  • Your product(s) will be held for 10 days at the nearest delivery hub if you’ve failed to receive the delivery. After this, WoodenStreet reserve the right to either change or cancel the order.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects, inherent termites and borer issues.

For upholstered products, the warranty applies to the frame, mechanisms, if any.

This limited warranty does not apply to the following:

  • Normal wear and tear of the product over prolonged use
  • Small cuts, scratches or damages due to wrong cleaning methods or impacts/accidents
  • Damage caused due incorrect installation/assembly by the customer
  • Cracks developed due to displacement of the product
  • Fading due to direct exposure to sunlight
  • Decaying of wood due to consistent exposure to water
  • Upholstery fabrics such as seat covers have no warranty
  • Non-standard dry-cleaning procedures or use of harsh chemicals

As per the industry standards, unevenness of up to 5 mm is accepted widely due to differences in floor and surface levels. This is not covered in warranty.

  • The product images present are 3D and do not play a part in the actual wooden product. Each of the furniture details has been given by expert craftsmen, ensuring that every furniture is clear and unique.
  • Kindly have a prior knowledge of your door size before ordering the furniture in certain dimension. We would not be responsible if the product does not enter or cannot be assembled inside, neither any refunds or returns are accepted.
  • Our delivery team will contact you for the free delivery and installation procedure. Extra charges are applicable for immediate or time bound delivery.
  • The team ensures damage free services. In case of any such queries you can contact the customer support team immediately and ask the delivery team for help. In case of late knowledge of the damage, you can ping at the service number and assembly team will reach shortly.
  • Generic Name : Custom Houzz Albrecht Walnut King Size Bed
  • Packed By : Custom Houzz
  • Packer Address: Flat no. 408 Shikarbadi Residency Shikarbadi Colony, Udaipur
  • Marketed By : Custom Houzz
  • Marketer Address : Flat no. 408 Shikarbadi Residency Shikarbadi Colony, Udaipur
  • Country Of Assembly : India
  • Country Of Manufacture : India
  • Package Count : 1
Do you provide FOC delivery?

Yes, Custom Houzz provides the free-delivery service across all over India conveniently. In case, you don't find the delivery option on your PIN code, then please get in touch with our customer support team. But the free shipping is only applicable for the very initial attempt of a visit to your given shipping address. Due to any reason, the delivery is missed; an extra prepaid charge of Rs. 500 would be applicable for later installation visits.

What are the criteria for installing furniture products?

The installation criteria for furniture products are decided on the basis of design and structure. For your information, the points are mentioned below:-

No Requirement of Installation

Such type of furniture is just ready to use; you have to position them at the decided place.

Self Installation

In this case, you are provided with a free installation manual so that you can conveniently do everything. These units are designed in a way that does not require many efforts.

Need Expert Installation

Some furniture units require expert installation, so for that, we provide assembly services to make your shopping experience convenient.

Do you provide installation FOC?

The installation and delivery of products at Custom Houzz are done simultaneously. In rare cases, the products get delivered before time through 3rd party logistics; then, our installation team will reach your premises within 24-48 hours. Also, the delivery team shall not be responsible for offering installation of different wall mounted units, like study table, home temple, TV unit, until the order value of 10,000. On condition that, a customer wants to assist this service, then an additional charge of Rs. 500 would be applicable during the order placing process. We never ask to pay an extra amount demanded by the delivery person. If the customer pays to the delivery executive, the Company shall not be accountable for any repayment.

What factors does a customer need to verify when any upholstered furniture is delivered?

Our team works day and night efficiently to deliver the premium quality of upholstered furniture items. Still, we request from customers to check on a few points for getting the desired products in your home. Take a look: -

  • You should personally check that the fabric wrapped across the delivered product is proper, and there is no gap/tear. So, please carefully look at the front, back, and all the sides of the furniture.
  • Make sure that the fabric of furniture does not have any kind of stain on its back, front, or sides.
  • According to standardize terms of industry, unevenness till 5 mm is acceptable and occurs due to variation in floor and surface level. So, check that your ordered piece of upholstered furniture does not wobble unevenly on the positioned place.
Is my product composed of 100% solid wood?

The base composition of the furniture product is made using solid wood. On the other hand, certain specific furniture’s back panel structures or drawers back panels are composed of secondary components such as MDF, Ply, Veneer or partial board that is better suited.

What are the aspects of availing the customization service?

The customization service is provided at Custom Houzz to make your shopping experience hassle-free. You have the choice to make the alterations in respect of size, wood finish, colour of the fabric, the utility of furniture, and many more.

Being a customer, can I have the right to provide my choice of fabric?

Custom Houzz always strives to provide the best service to customers in every possible way and condition. Therefore, we have stocked a wide range of fabric color choices in plains and prints to fulfil your needs. You can’t provide your own fabric, but you will not regret your selection after exploring our collection.

Will your furniture fit like a glove through the entrance or door?

Usually, our furniture products are designed to fit the regular entrance or door of the customer’s premises. In such cases, we always request customers to measure the dimension of the door or entrance, of the way from which they will install ordered furniture.

Does the upholstered furniture products covered from the durable fabric?

The upholstered products at Custom Houzz are wrapped in the finest quality of fabric to provide you with utmost comfort. Cotton, linen, velvet and many more such type of fabrics are used for upholstery. To maintain the durability, the foundation of furniture units is crafted from solid hardwood such as Mango and Sheesham. But, in the case of a certain specific unit of furniture's panel structures or back panels of drawers are crafted from the secondary material like, Ply, MDF, partial board, or Veneer that is perfectly suited.

Does there any variation in the fabric color as well as the wood finish of real product and image displayed on the Website?

Custom Houzz always strives to deliver you the best products. But, please note that in the case of solid wood furniture items, slight grains would be beautifully visible. Also, there may be a little variation in finish between the real product and 3-D designs that are being showcased on our Website. Sometimes, this difference may occur on account of the display resolution.

What is the warranty period for the product I bought from Custom Houzz?

Wooden furniture products from our collection are available with a one-year warranty that includes inherent termites, any kind of manufacturing defects, and borer problems.

In the case of the upholstered part, the criterion for warranty applies to its operation, foundation, if any.

The above-stated limited warranty is not valid in the following situations:

  • After prolonged use, the normal incident of wear and tear in the product
  • Scratches, small cuts or faults due to the wrong way of cleaning or any accident
  • Damage occurred because of inaccurate installation from the customer’s side
  • While displacement, the cracks occurred in the product
  • Dwindling/fading of finish because of direct exposure in sunlight
  • Rotting of wood due to regular exposure to water
  • Upholstered fabrics in part of furniture such as seat covers do not come under warranty rules
  • Abnormal dry-cleaning process or application of harsh chemicals

According to the standardize terms of industry, unevenness till 5 mm in furniture is acceptable. This generally occurs due to variation in floor and surface level. Well, the minor difference is not covered in the rules of warranty.

What is an approximate time for the delivery of the product?

The team Custom Houzz is exceptionally dedicated to dispatching your desired products within 3 to 4 weeks of the timeline. If the products are readily available in inventory, then it might get dispatched before the timeline to deliver to the customer. But, in the case of unusual situations such as riots, transport strikes, natural calamities (like floods, earthquakes, rains, etc.), then it might affect your estimated delivery duration compared to standard time. Worry not; in such unavoidable conditions, Custom Houzz will give you updates about your products. We will be responsible for keeping your ordered products on priority and deliver to you at the earliest possible time. Hereby, we humbly seek for your cooperation in the above extraordinary situations, as your support is important to make sure that we always keep serving you with premium quality of furniture. Talking about the custom products, they undergo a procedure for making from scratch, so sometimes the delivery time can get extended.

Note: Please be informed that the delivery duration may vary on the basis of the shipping location.

Do I discard or return the packaging material?

The wooden packaging material used for shipping a product is a property of Custom Houzz, and should not be disposed of by any customer. We believe in recycling these wooden carats and packing material; hence we would like to collect these back from the customer and re-use it.

Is my purchase inclusive of all taxes?

Yes, all the offered products prices are inclusive of all the taxes with free delivery and installation.

  • The accessories and interior displayed in the image are just to give a hint about the setup you can create. Without any specifications from the Company, these are not part of the product.
  • Talking about the solid wood furniture, there can be slight variations in the grained pattern from furniture to furniture.
  • Hand-painted or intricate detailing might have some difference between the 3D layout and the real product delivered at customer’s doorstep.
  • Considering all possible criteria, the different screen resolutions and settings might also affect the minor variation in colour of fabric and wood finish of the images on the Website and real product.
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